Saturday, 20 June 2009


THE TEMPLE ON THE CLIFF that is another name of uluwatu temple. The most popular tourist destination in the island because in only this one place we can see some differents thing. First after arriving in the temple area we will wellcomed by a group of monkey, and then take foto around the temple, if you are interested to see the Kecak dance perfomance , you only pay Rp 50.000,- or USD 5 for very spectacular traditional dance while witnessing the incredible sunset for the stage

Price : Rp 250.000,- = USD 25 [transport only]
Duration : 5-7 hours
Note : The monkeys in this temple is very agresive, and for women who are being menstruation is better do not take this tour, this is for your safety. And of course we will go together during this trip as Our service is our first priority.


  1. Pura Uluwatu teletak di ujung selatan pulau bali,diatas bukit batu dan di jaga oleh ribuan kera,menurut sejarah karena posisinya yang di anggap relijius itulah menjadi satu alasan, kenapa pura itu di bangun disana.
    Dan konon Sang rsi yang membangun pura itu mencaoai moksa disana. Moksa adalah bersatunya Atma[roh manusia] dgn Atman [Tuhan]